JAPAN > NOGIZAKA46 「いつかできるから今日できる」

The Single “Itsuka dekiru kara Kyou dekiru” (いつかできるから今日できる, “You can do it someday, so you can do it today”) by Nogizaka46 released in October 2017, is still one of the most relevant song in Japan and it has reached over 1.000.000 sales according to Oricon tracking chart system. The female idol group was created back in 2011 as a rival to AKB48. Both groups were produced by Yasushi Akimoto (秋元 康 ). Let’s enjoy the catchy and  uplifting performance of the song on YouTube since the single, unfortunately, is unavailable on European digital channels.

If you are interested in discovering more about the group, you can stream part of the catalogue in the latest 2018 collection release “Boku dake no Kimi〜Under Super Best〜” (僕だけの君〜Under Super Best〜) here.

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